Wind Farms: A New Way to Harness Energy

With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious, there are plenty of new ways humans can get energy from a variety of natural resources. Solar has long been a popular alternative, and now wind power is also on the rise in the United States. Large wind turbines can be seen in many areas of the country. Also known as wind farms, these huge turbines are designed to help harvest and then disperse the power found naturally from wind.

How It Works

When the wind blows, the wind turbine begins to spin in a circular motion, similarly to a windmill. Inside the turbine is a large shaft that begins to rotate around. This shaft is attached to a heavy duty gearbox that is also attached to a generator. As the shaft spins, it communicates with the gearbox and generator, creating electricity. A typical wind turbine is about 325 feet tall, has …

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