2 Great Reasons Why A Petroleum Geologist Should Work For An Oil And Gas Exploration Company

Working as a petroleum geologist is an amazing career path because it allows you to better analyze and understand one of the most useful and important natural resources that we use today. There are also several different job opportunities for petroleum geologists, where they are going to be able to use their skill set to be a great asset to the different companies that they work for. One great company to work for is an oil and gas exploration company. This article will discuss 2 reasons why a petroleum geologist should work for an oil and gas exploration company. 

They Will Be Able To Work Both Behind The Desk And In The Field 

Many petroleum geologists love what they do in terms of analyzing different areas and studying what the ground is made up of to see if there is a high likelihood of oil being present. However, the only …

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3 Green Living Changes You Can Make To Your Home

Going green is not as complicated as many people believe. Small changes in and around your home can not only be beneficial to the environment, but it can also lower your energy bills. Here are some ways you can make a move towards green living. 

Install Solar Energy Panels

Solar panels can help you get off the grid by harnessing solar energy and turning it into usable power for your home. Depending on the sun exposure available, your panels can be installed on your rooftop or in the yard. 

You do not have to opt for professional installation of the solar panels. There are solar energy kits that are designed for do-it-yourselfers. You can even get a portable kit that you can use on the road that includes an inverter and a solar battery. 

Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

The insulation is responsible for preventing air leakage in your attic, walls, …

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Using Propane Safely In Your RV

Propane can be used in many ways in your RV. It can be used to heat the cabin, the water, power the refrigerator, power your generator and cook your food, but if you don’t follow a few safety precautions, it can also put your family in a great deal of danger.

Tank Inspections

Your propane tanks will need to be recertified every few years. Between those certifications, you should inspect the tank for any signs that they are unsafe to use. Look for dents and rusting, as well as if the nozzle doesn’t accept the hose easily. You should be able to tighten the connection by hand. If you have to use a wrench to tighten the connection, the nozzle needs to be replaced.


Propane tanks are now to be equipped with nozzles that prevent overfilling. The propane tank must have enough open space inside it to expand. If …

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Should You Purchase A Generator?

No one can ever predict when the power might go out, either due to a storm or some other cause. For this reason, many business and homeowners invest in generators in order to ensure they are never without electricity. If you are considering purchasing a generator, you may be trying to determine whether doing so would be a good investment or not. Here are some aspects to take into consideration when trying to decide:

Where you live

If you live in an area that is prone to sever storms, whether tornadoes, thunderstorms, or blizzards, then you might very well want to have access to a generator. Storms sometimes cause outages that could last for several days. It is very possible to survive indefinitely without electricity, and as long as you have ample candles, alternate cooking devices and other necessities, then being without power for up to a week shouldn’t be much …

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Two Tips To Help Your Business Get The Best Rate On Propane

If you are the owner of a business that utilizes propane as the primary way to heat your facility, your aim is likely pretty similar to that of the residential propane customer:  You want to buy enough fuel to get you through the cold season at an affordable rate.  However, as a commercial propane consumer, you have the ability to command rates that the individual patron may not have access to.  Use this information to learn more about how your company can get the propane you need without exceeding the budget.

Buy Propane When Demand Is Low

One of the best ways that you can save money on propane delivery is to purchase the substance when the demand for it is at its lowest point:  The warm seasons.  Propane manufacturers often find that a lack of customers is causing them to lose money when it’s hot outside.  Because of …

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