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Using Energy Wisely To Help Save The Environment

Hello readers, my name is Sandy Loomis and my blog focuses on the importance of saving energy to help the environment. I'll tell you how you can reduce the amount of energy that you use in your home and this will save you money too. Using energy efficient light bulbs and turning up your thermostat a few degrees in the summer can really cut your energy costs. Simple things like turning off the lights when you're not in a room and drying your clothes on a clothesline are other ways that you can cut your energy use. These are just a few smart things that you can do and when you read my blog, you'll learn many other ways to save energy. It's my wish that this blog will make everyone more energy conscious to help save the environment.

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Broken Lightbulb Keeping You From Installing A New One? Quick Ways To Safely Remove A Broken Bulb

Removing a broken light bulb from a socket can be difficult. You don't want to just reach in and grab the broken portion or you could end up with serious injuries. You don't want to spend money calling an electrician if you don't have to. Here are a few simple ways to get that broken light bulb out safely.

Get Started

Before you try any of the options described below, you'll want to take care of a few safety issues.

  1. Turn the power off at the main breaker box.

  2. Put on a pair of rubber safety gloves.

  3. Have a cloth on hand to clean up the glass shards.

Grab a Potato

Even though the electricity is turned off, you don't want to reach in with your hands. Those shards of glass could cut you. Potatoes are safe and easy ways to remove broken light bulbs. Cut your potato in half. Take one half in your hand and place the inside portion of the potato directly onto the broken lightbulb. Press firmly to ensure that the potato is attached to the light bulb. Begin twisting to remove the bulb. Once the bulb has been removed, use your cloth to wipe the inside of the light socket. This will remove particles of the light bulb and any moisture that might be present.

Reach For the Duct Tape

If there are still large portions of glass attached to the bulb, you can use duct tape to remove the bulb. Cut a strip of duct tape and carefully wrap it around the outside of the glass. Cut a large strip of duct tape and wad it up to form a ball. Be sure that the sticky side is facing out. Place the ball of duct tape into the center of the broken bulb and begin to twist. Once the bulb has been removed, the duct tape will prevent the glass shards from breaking loose.

Bring On the Needle-Nosed Pliers

Before you use a pair of needle-nosed pliers, be sure the handles are rubber-coated. The rubber coating will protect you from electrical shocks. If a portion of the metal is exposed on the light bulb, you can safely use a pair of pliers to remove it. Place the pliers on the edge of the bulb and begin twisting. If the metal begins to break, move your pliers to a different location until the bulb has been completely removed.

If you have a broken light bulb, don't worry about calling an electrician. You can use these simple methods to remove those broken bulbs. Once your broken bulb has been removed, be sure to wipe the inside of the socket with a clean cloth before you insert a new bulb. Get your new bulb from a supermarket or specialty store like Pacific Lamp Wholesale Inc.