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Using Energy Wisely To Help Save The Environment

Hello readers, my name is Sandy Loomis and my blog focuses on the importance of saving energy to help the environment. I'll tell you how you can reduce the amount of energy that you use in your home and this will save you money too. Using energy efficient light bulbs and turning up your thermostat a few degrees in the summer can really cut your energy costs. Simple things like turning off the lights when you're not in a room and drying your clothes on a clothesline are other ways that you can cut your energy use. These are just a few smart things that you can do and when you read my blog, you'll learn many other ways to save energy. It's my wish that this blog will make everyone more energy conscious to help save the environment.

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How LED Lighting In Your Warehouse Can Benefit Your Business

There are some significant benefits that you can get from LED high bay lights in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. LED lights can be as bright or brighter than standard lighting, and they are very cost-effective to operate and do not require any significant modification to the electrical already in place to install in place of your old lights.

Impact Safety

In many warehouses, high bay lights ensure that the lights are close to the ceiling and less likely to be hit by forklifts or stock pickers moving freight from the top of your warehouse storage racks. Using LED high bay lights adds even more protection because there are no glass bulbs inside the housings to break. 

If a machine hits the LED (light-emitting diodes) lights, the housing may crack or break, but there will not be glass raining down around the operator or anyone working on the floor below. The light may even work until you replace the housing or have your lighting contractor take care of it.

Visibility In Work Areas

The lights are mounted so high in the ceiling that the amount of light they need to produce is also critical to ensure you have adequate light in the area. LED lights solve that issue because they can be turned up or down as needed and the color of the lights can be altered or adjusted to ensure you have the best possible lighting in the work area.

The light contractor you are working with to install your new LED high bay lights can show you several models that will work for your application and ensure you have the light required. If you need more light, you can switch to an LED light with more diodes in it with a higher light rating, and it may not cost any more to run than the one you are already using.

Cost Savings

Switching to a LED high bay light fixture can benefit your company financially because the cost of operating the lights is far lower than conventional lights. If you upgrade all the lights in your facility, the energy cost savings can be significant, especially in a large warehouse. 

The type of LED lights you select can have an impact on the savings, but in general, even higher-powered LED lights are less costly to operate than a conventional light. The longevity of an LED high bay light is also longer, and because you do not have to change a bulb in the future, the maintenance cost is also reduced. In the long run, there are very few, if any, negatives to changing your warehouse lighting to LED fixtures, and lowering your carbon footprint through reducing energy use is good for any business.

Speak with a company near you, such as Thin Light Technologies, to learn more.